Early 19th Century French Military Coat and Vest

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Stepping back in time, this French military uniform pre-dates 1850 due to it's workmanship and silver tone buttons that feature the fleur de lys (symbol of the King of France) and the crown (of the Emperor).  In fact, many people have told me that the buttons are probably more valuable than the coat and gilet themselves. 

There are two pieces to this uniform, a blue gilet or vest with backside cut out for a mounted rider, and a red overcoat.  The overcoat features a generous collar, heavy sleeves and back detail. 

At some point this uniform was used as a theatre costume in Nantes, which is how it came to me.  It looks amazing on a mannequin, especially in the home of a true Francophile.  A rare and valuable piece of history.  Free shipping in the continental U.S.