French Food Camp Paris Bistro: Saturday January 23, 2016


If you've been to Paris and enjoyed a few meals there, you know how simple, delicious and memorable an evening at a Paris Bistro can be.  In this Food Camp we will explore the classic and completely satisfying foods of the Bistro, from made-ahead appetizers to various starter plates with fresh baked baguettes.  We will continue on with several main courses, including porc Milanese, halibut crusted in herbes de Provence and steak frites with three kinds of frites.  We will finish with a tempting table full of deserts for you to sample or take home. 

The afternoon is loosely structured, and you can join in the kitchen activity and hear the stories behind each of our dishes, or enjoy conversation and ongoing foods on the terrace.  Recipes and resources for all foods will be provided.  We will begin at noon and finish up around 430pm.  This is a great Food Camp and one that will provide you with some quick new Paris-style meals for your repertoire.